Mungo National Park – Alternative Video

Same scenery, different music

After I posted the Mungo National Park post with the video I made another, slightly longer version with a different soundtrack. (Actually both tracks are off the same album.)

I think this one is better. The track seems to enhance the alien landscape. What do you think?

The other worldly scenery at ‘The Walls of China’
Mungo National Park, NSW.

There is something both eerie and special about this place. I really loved it there and would go again without a moment’s hesitation. It is definitely in my top five of places that I have seen in Australia (so far). And there’s some pretty stiff competition believe me… I have been to Ayers Rock (aka Uluru) in the days when you could climb to the top, and dived on the Great Barrier Reef (both in a former life). In fact I think I may make a top ten list (of sorts) for a future post.



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