The Iron Curtain Descends

Sydney goes all Melbourne-like. That is to say the “restrictions” are being made more stasi-like. The iron grip is tightening. An iron curtain is descending. It’s hard not to use something like that famous Churchill quote. But enough iron for now. You get the point.

It is now prohibited to travel more than 10km from your home in the greater Sydney area. This is the same road that the colossal prick Dan Andrews went down when he locked down Melbourne (and many other parts of Victoria) for months when there was absolutely no need to. Apparently covid “cases” are continuing to rise. Now? Eighteen months after covid (supposedly) broke. That is just pathetic. They clearly just want people to take the experimental vaccine. Coerce them. Force them almost. There is no other logical explanation. It is very odd that this renewed panic in Australia (brand new panic in this part of the country really) has come about shortly after the Aussie Prime Minister returned from the G7 shindig in good ol’ England. That is no coincidence.

No idea exactly what the other new restrictions are but will no doubt check it out in due course. It is all so tiresome as we have all heard about what went on in the UK and Spain (as well as Victoria).

Here are a few things to consider;  – and some common sense to go with it.

Surely Supermarket need to be shut right? Completely. This is the main place people rub shoulders with other humans on a regular basis. But of course they cannot do that. Imagine the panic buying. The riots even! And anyway, if supermarket crowds were ever an issue then don’t you think the supermarket staff would be dropping like flies? At least there should be so many “cases” that even these huge users of minimum income labour would struggle to find enough wage-slaves to remain open. Yet remain open they do! All of them! While smaller shops are forced to close the big corporate supermarkets rake in all of our money.

What about the cafes and myriad of other take-away services still operating? Shouldn’t they all be closed down? Let’s be honest here; ask yourself this question. What do you feel safer doing in a so called ‘pandemic’? Walking around a shopping centre without a mask on or getting your food and drink made by a load of people you don’t know? That’s not difficult is it? But again, they don’t want to shut down people’s caffeine fix nor the huge appetite for fast food take-outs. But they do insist on you wearing your muzzle. Like a pet dog.

Then there is the testing. It took them about a year to come up with a test for covid. Forget for a moment that it is far from being exact. Now however, they are suddenly able to tell which “variant” of covid you have. It truly is a miracle eh? Although it seems the test can only tell that you have something they call the ‘Delta Variant’ – as that is the popular one now. Alpha, Beta and Gamma? So last season don’t you know. Then again, ‘The Delta Variant’ is another great name for a rock band or an album eh?

What a crock of shit!

I could go on. I don’t want to dwell on it too much as I don’t want to give it any real credence. But my son will still hopefully read all this when he is older and curious enough. He needs to know what a complete crock of shit this all is (or was).

What I will say however is that if you are reading this outside of Australia I can tell you straight that covid is not, and never has been, an issue here. But don’t take my word for it. It could be as bad as “they” are trying their hardest to make out. Just look at the latest government video on the current situation…Well, if they could get away with it I am sure they would use something like this. Wankers!

Thanks to my friend Neil for reminding me of this one…

(One of many examples o this famous sketch widely available)

So for now, it’s back to the drawing board and plan what we can do….



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