Watching Women’s Rugby in the Olympics

Now there’s a line I never thought I would write. “Watching women’s rugby in the Olympics!” Never mind actually doing it. But I have been watching a little bit. In case you don’t know it is 7-aside (aka Rugby 7s) in the Olympic Games.

Why the sudden interest?

Normally I would tell anyone (who was prepared to listen) that the only people who could possibly be interested in watching women’s rugby would be women rugby players themselves. OK, call me old fashioned. Call me sexist. Call me whatever the heck… I have been called worse. It’s just that I have never had even the slightest inkling to watch it. But this sudden, seemingly unhealthy, interest is due to one of the Aussie rugby team members.  Yesterday I learned that one of the Australian team is a former student at Dani’s school; only last year.

Her name is Tia Hinds and she played a part in both the Aussie team’s victories yesterday in the pool (group) stage matches. She graduated (left school) in 2020. Technically, for that one year, she was a school colleague of Dani’s – although there were 10 years or so between them.

Medal Hope

In the last Olympic games Australia won the gold medal in the women’s rugby 7s. So it is quite likely they will win a medal this time around. If that happens I dare say she will pay a visit to her old school to show off the medal and inspire the kids. Let’s hope that happens.

Dani described how the kids, who were actually at school, watched the first game in class cheering the team – and Tia – on.  It turns out that she was taught the basics of rugby by the same sports teacher who takes Dani for “touch” rugby.

Who’d have thought?

So now, after completely ignoring the sport, I find myself cheering on the Australian women’s rugby team. Only in the hope that she can bring a medal to show the kids in school you understand. They would love that. I know Dani would. But it just goes to show. You can teach an old dad new tricks.

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