The Olympic Games Are Dead

OK, I called it a couple of weeks ago – here – but it is actually official. The Olympic Games is dead! If you still don’t believe it then read this article in the Wall Street Journal . Even Toyota, Japan’s biggest company, had decided not to advertise during the “games”. Who can blame them? And to add to that people are just not watching around the world on the TV.

Personally I have only been watching the boxing – mainly as it is the only sport on offer that I am interested in these days. Plus many of the boxers on show will soon turn professional and be the future world champions or contenders. The standard has been very good. Plenty of competitive fights including some real tear-ups.

Meanwhile, The city of Brisbane, who have suckered themselves into “winning” the right to host the games in 2032 is currently in lockdown over a handful of so called “cases” of a virus. The same virus that has delayed the current Olympics and is still preventing spectators from attending. Truly pathetic.

Well at least I can say “I told you so”…

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