Surf Lesson – Again

What a difference a week makes. Last week when Dani had his first surfing lesson the water was wild and there was hardly anyone on the cold beach. Today was another surfing lesson for the boy but the weather was a whole lot better. It was a fairly early lesson but the place was buzzing. The fine weather brought everyone out.

A very busy Bondi beach
With more than a few surfers fighting over the waves…

Surf Lesson

The following photos tell the story of how the lesson goes – generally. The ups and downs of it all…

A bit of coaching never hurt anyone…
The lad takes it quite seriously. Which is good.
It was always a battle with the waves.
Sometimes he can get up…
But not for long…
Try again…
More like it lad…
Well done Dani

He has really taken to it. He loves it in fact. Who can complain about that? If he keeps this up he will be just like a local by the end of the summer.

The best part is that you can see he is annoyed with himself when he falls. Then he gets straight back out there. I must admit I am very impressed with his resilience. He has even mentioned getting his own board. That may be one for Santa. Unless we break that story to him… Then he will get it from us.



4 thoughts on “Surf Lesson – Again

    1. Thanks John. Yes I like the fact that he is determined. It’s a shame he is also determined to sit at home and play video games – if we let him (which we don’t)… Hahahaaa
      But it does go to show that when you drag them away from such crap they enjoy life.


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