The Great Return to School (and other stuff)

Back to School

Today saw the great return to school across New South Wales. Although term 4 started two or three weeks ago (depending on which schools you use) only a small number of kids actually went in. The rest remained at home doing their remote classes online. Today, everyone went to school. And the extra traffic on the roads was definitely noticeable.

The lockdown began when the end of term 2 school holidays began. So, all of term 3 and about 25-30% of term four has been done at home for the majority of kids. Wow! That’s way more than the ‘long’ summer holidays!

Let’s hope that the children enjoy being back at school, even if they may not be allowed to do all the pre/post school activities they would like (for a while at least). It’s not right being kept at home to study alone. School is as much a social thing as a learning experience. Especially for the younger kids. How can we expect them to work and socialise together as adults if  they don’t do it as kids.

He’s still going out with that old bag…

Santa Claus that is. And over here they are already well prepared in the shopping centres. As evidenced by this photo taken in one such shopping mall last week.

I don’t care what anyone says. It’s too early for this!

I couldn’t bring myself to take any more photos of Christmas decorations. It’s just not right having them this early. Maybe this long lockdown has confused people. Normally we get that annual spook-fest over with before people start gearing up for Christmas.  Speaking of which…

Halloween approaches.

While Christmas is being advertised Halloween is not getting a fair crack of the whip this year. That said, I do think people in and around the area are making a good effort this year. There are plenty of spooky Halloween decorations adorning a lots ff houses in the area. More so than I remember from last year. And why not? The kids need to be kids. They need a bit of fun. Maybe it’s a kick-back against the lockdowns and the kids not going to school. Who knows? But I think next Sunday the kids around here will have some fun on Halloween. There will be a post dedicated to that one of course.

Swimming Lessons

Meanwhile the weather has been improving. Well, we are in the middle of spring down here. Swim schools have also been starting again while indoor and outdoor swimming pools have been allowed to reopen. This term Dani is returning to swim classes – outdoors. And what a great setting to be improving his swimming.

That’s Daniel in the middle practicing his kick holding a float.

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