Remembrance Day 2021

Today is Remembrance Day. Initially the day was to observe the end of World War 1 and those who gave their lives in that conflict. Over the passing decades this day has also come to commemorate the fallen in World War 2 and all conflicts. In the USA this day is known as Veterans Day.

I decided to go and pay my respects to my grandparents (World War 2) generation and so headed to the local cenotaph situated in a nearby park. The same place I attended the Remembrance Day service last year.

I fully expected to be subjected to local politicians grandstanding and making comparisons of the sacrifices of the World War generations with those of the recent Covid lockdowns. That actually happened last year. I managed to bite my lip back then but was not sure I would be able to this year. So I arrived at the local cenotaph just a few minutes before the traditional 11am two minute silence. However, when I arrived the place was empty…

The local Cenotaph just before 11am today.

Then with just minutes to spare a guy stopped and took the same photo as me. I asked him why there was no service and he told me that they had moved it indoors because of the threat of rain. To one of the rooms in the adjacent sports centre. I made it just in time for the two minute silence and stood just outside the open doors.

That was followed by the acceptance of several wreaths of flowers from various members of the community and forces. There were a few more words from the person hosting the service and that was basically that. I missed the opening part of the service and so I have no idea what was said by any local politician. I was spared a bloody lip – or worse, being arrested for speaking up.

The event was attended by about 30 people in total. Several were part of the organising group from the council. Remembrance Day is not as big as ANZAC day in Australia but it is still good that they recognise and commemorate it.

8 Years Old Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my son’s 8th birthday and we have arranged an outdoor party for him. Unlike today’s Remembrance Day service there is no indoor venue to move to if it rains. And all the weather forecasts say it will. It could be a wet one…

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