Changeable Weather (but it’s NOT that other thing)

Exactly two years ago, large areas of the country were being ravaged by bush fires. By the time we arrived almost two months later, the fires had stopped. This year there have been floods (as recently as yesterday) and flood alerts remain in place in many areas.

It just goes to show that even down under the summer can be hot and dry one year and wet the next. The reservoirs are full. Almost unheard of. While it may be a wet summer (so far) it certainly isn’t cold. But not as hot as it was this time last year when we were just coming out of a short heatwave. Changeable weather down here, just like what I am used to from growing up in the UK. But please don’t get me started on that “climate change” bollocks!

Just today Dani had a surf lesson cancelled. The sea was too wild for lessons we were told. I suppose they meant for beginners and kids. The really good surfers seem to go out in all weather. He was actually disappointed – which is a good thing. The sky was overcast and it was windy. But then a few hours later it was warm and he was jumping in the swimming pool with other kids from our block.

Soon we will head off for a break out of Sydney. When asked where he wanted to go Dani said without hesitation, Lightning Ridge. It will be our (Dani and myself) second visit there. It will be a first visit for Dani’s mum however. The place obviously made an impression on the boy. I of course loved it too.

I am sure there will be plenty more on all of that to come….


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