Children DO NOT Need the Vaccine

I first wrote this post back in August, during the middle of the most unnecessary over-reaction in the history of Australia – the pointless lockdown. I wasn’t sure when I should post it but now seems a good time. That lockdown was all about getting people vaccinated. And the intention was to “roll out the vaccine” (yes they still use such salesman-like phrases) to the youngest ones among us. Last week (10th January) the Australian national and state governments began vaccinating kids as young as FIVE !! Yet the media frenzy was all about a n unvaccinated tennis player entering the country. You could almost smell the subterfuge. Something is wrong in the land down under.

Why on Earth…?

Read the title again. Read it out loud. CHILDREN DO NO NEED THE VACCINE!

Why are our governments pushing to give the covid vaccine to children?  It’s a fair question to ask. What do you think the answer would be if you managed to get face to face with one of these “leaders”?

They cannot say that it is to protect them from the virus. Because children are not dying from the disease. That is one of the few well known facts about this odd virus. There are any number of reasons why that may be the case, but it remains one of the few things that we all know to be true. And we have known it right from the start of this so called “pandemic”.

My advice would generally be to avoid the news. But of course I realise that is not the case with most people. So here is a bit of advice you can easily follow…

The next time you see, hear or read anything in the media about vaccinating children (or even young adults) just listen to the way the conversation is directed. You will (and I can guarantee this at least 99.9% of the time) hear the media person or the “medical expert” turn the conversation around to vaccine safety. They will talk about how rare blood clots are. They will tell you that children have even less chance of dying from these vaccines. It’s all about the safety of the vaccine. NOT the fact that children do not even need the bloody thing. If you are still paying any attention to the news these days please try it.

Why is this?

So, why are they spinning the debate into a vaccine safety thing? Well first of all if they get into the real conversation that they should be having then whole argument about vaccinating children just goes away. Vanishes. Vamoosh! Gone! Because (as I stated above) all data and everything we know since the discovery of  this virus tells us that it does not kill kids. Plain and simple.

However, the vaccine safety argument is one they can have because it is one they can win. Or at the very least throw out convincing arguments. I am vey sceptical about this whole thing but even I will agree that there is an incredibly small chance of having a serious side effect and even less of dying from these vaccines. But that is not the point!

That is not to say that I or anyone else should not worry about the longer term effects. In these early days such long term effects are unknown. It’s really that simple. They could turn out to be nothing or they could be really terrible. We will know in a few years I suppose. Fingers crossed eh…

A little perspective…

But the initial vaccine safety thing? That is an argument that I will not get involved in. Quite simply, because I don’t need to. And that is because there is absolutely no need for children to have the vaccine. If you want to get into statistics and figures, then the chance of covid killing your kids is less likely than any number of things you allow them to do every day. If you do allow your 5-11 year old children to be vaccinated then please -I beg you – do not let them:

  • go out on their bikes,
  • go near plants where bees may sting them, (around 12 a year die from bee stings!)
  • go surfing (more killed by sharks in Australia in past year than kids killed by covid)
  • go swimming
  • cross a road
  • put anything in their mouth – including food!! (choking causes 11% of child deaths under 8 years of age)

But don’t worry… Really

OK, I know that all this may seem melodramatic but it is just a list of some of the things that are statistically far more likely to kill a child than this virus. Don’t worry about any of them though. In fact just don’t worry. Life has always been full of risks. The only problem is when you start worrying about them.

What did that U.S. president once say in the 1930s? “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (That may not be 100% accurate but it was something like that.) Whatever else Franklin D. Roosevelt may (or may not) have done, that saying is as true today as it was (or may have been) then.

Even more importantly, do not worry the children. Tell them that the virus is not dangerous for them. Above all, do not allow them to be frightened by media nonsense which is all just pressure to push more vaccinations.

Here’s hoping that enough parents can see that their young kids do not need these vaccines.

2 thoughts on “Children DO NOT Need the Vaccine

  1. Totally agree. As a grandparent of an almost 4year old I will never be convinced it is beneficial until we know the longterm affects. It’s not being an anti-vaxer, it’s being a mother, father, grandparent who will do everything possible to protect the children, especially their health xx

    1. My thoughts exactly Julie. Never understood that thing about kids being vaccinated to protect the older generations. It should always be the other way around. We the older ones must protect the children always.

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