Six Years Old Today (This Blog)

February 5th 2016. That is the date of the first post on this blog. That was exactly six years ago, today.

Here is a link to that first post: Click here. I have just read it again (for the first time in a long while) and there is nothing I disagree with nor would I have done anything else if I was somehow transported back in time. We may be living the other side of the world now – and God knows a lot has happened worldwide since we arrived here – but  overall, what was true then, is true now. Time is always the enemy. Dani is now 8 years old and in a few months I will be 58.

Daniel has grown from a toddler into an eight year old (going on 16) schoolboy. He reads, he writes and of course knows how to operate the computer/iPad (or any similar device come to that).

He is a smart-arse, he is cocky and can be hard work at times. But he is still very funny with a great sense of humour. We laugh at the same things and love lots of the same daft, funny movies. He even tells me jokes now and again. His musical tastes are emerging and are getting similar to my own – and no; I am not forcing him to listen to things. That said I am getting a little bit sick of hearing Black Sabbath’s first album if I am honest – hahahaa. (I know. It’s an odd one to get into so young eh? Still better that than most of the crap around now.)

We have great times on little road trips together and I think he enjoys them as much as I do. Although I can sense when he prefers to be with kids his own age, he still likes to do things with his old dad. That will probably not last much longer. I am well aware of that.

I am no longer always his best mate, at least when he has alternatives. But he is still mine. And apart from the odd times when I want to strangle him he is great company.

I no longer worry about things like his education or what he will do when he leaves school. You know; college, work etc… Not because I don’t care but because I think he will know enough by then and will make the right choices himself. We actually talk about it sometimes so he is already doing that thing of looking way ahead and asking about jobs and university etc… – but only in passing. He is obviously still a little kid. He always will be to me I guess.

What does bother me however is the world he will grow up in. How things might be when he is an adult. But when has that ever been any different for any parent? So I guess that’s not worth worrying over either, is it? (So let’s not!)

Six years on and my son is still not really interested in reading any of the blog posts. He occasionally shows interest but it hardly lasts more than a few seconds. But I still keep writing. About things we do together, about things he does and about all kinds of crap that is going on around us whether here in Australia or back in Europe. One day he will start reading it and when he does he will no doubt read it from start to finish. Well, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. It’s what keeps me writing…

So here’s to the seventh year of the blog… Cheers everyone and thanks for reading. Oh, and please feel free to pass it on.

6 thoughts on “Six Years Old Today (This Blog)

  1. So, he’s a smart arse and cocky at times and he likes Black Sabbath. I think your work as a parent is going very well 👍

  2. I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years now myself. I found a company called Pixxi Book. And made all my other blog sites into books so I could close down the rest of those blog sites (of the past) and have just 1 blog site in operation. The site that I’ve been writing in now is only a month old lol . Congratulations on 6 years. You have a lot of good content.

  3. Thanks James, I have been thinking of making books out of the first few years of posts. Is that Pixxi Book for that purpose? Will take a look. I did see one a while back that converted blog posts into PDF and even Word files (so can be edited as well). Thanks for reading and feel free to share anything you think is “good content”.

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