My First Protest (Believe it or not…)

There have been plenty of protests around the world since this covid thing kicked off. More so recently. People have had enough. Maybe. Judge for yourselves. But last weekend I felt I had to attend the protest in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. This was not an anti-vaccine protest. It was simply against the mandates and restrictions still being imposed in the name of ‘covid’.

I have never been on any protest like this before. Ever. Although there have been enough times I may have agreed with the protesters’ reasons for doing them. Not sure why. I am just one of those – often, no doubt, the vast majority – who may disagree with what’s going on but just can’t be bothered to go and protest about it.

The big problem with this covid scam is that too many have done nothing. And the scam has now been revealed. Surely, right? It really has gotten out of hand. There are so many countries now dropping all covid related restrictions and yet here in Australia they are still pushing the same old shambolic agenda. Why? I have no idea.

When will these people give up? I fear never is the answer to that question. With a general election just around the corner the idiots (supposedly) in charge now will almost certainly be replaced by a bunch of even bigger idiots, and I think they will be even more covid mental.

The public gets what the public wants
Or is it “The public wants what the public gets“?
Both lines from Going Underground, by The Jam

How many? 

Anyway, There was a good turnout. The organisers/speech-makers on the main stage were claiming 500k. Half a million. I think that was an over-estimate. Meanwhile the media in their ever helpful unbiased manner were saying 10,000. Ten thousand?! F#ck off media! Why do they do that?

Right. I never counted them all (obviously) but I have been to enough football matches in my time to know what a crowd of 50,000+ looks like. Inside a stadium, or on the streets before and after a game.

Taken from behind the main stage…

My immediate ‘guesstimate’ was definitely over 100,000. Maybe as high as 200,000. The problem was that they were never all in the same place. There was a large gathering on the field between the new and old parliament houses but many just marched up to the seat of government, hung around for a while then walked back into the city centre. Others chose the shade of trees on either side of the field. I was one of those who left fairly early. Even then there were still plenty of people making their way up to the protest epicentre on foot and by car (the streets had been reopened to traffic by that point). So as always with these things the organisers and media disagreed widely but the true figure was almost certainly in between.

Police protecting the seat of government
…but apart from this, the police were low-key

It was good to see that the police presence was very low key. Proof that it was genuinely a peaceful protest.  I only saw a handful dotted about the area. Then there was a fairly solid line of police right in front of the parliament building. Clearly the intention was not to allow any protester to enter or get close. Understandable. At least they allowed the protesters to do their thing and go home. Not sure why the same never happened in Sydney and Melbourne a few months ago? Anyway…

The thin blue line

The crowd was a very mixed bag from all sections of the population. Some looked the part of professional protesters while many were just ordinary people (like myself, I would like to think) with families and kids. Lots had their kids with them. It is after all the kids future they are concerned about. Quite rightly. Young, old and every age in between. All walks of life and some just funny…

Moses. His tablet of ‘stone’ reads: “Covid Delta Omicron, Exodus, Let my people leave”

I am glad I went along. At this stage it really is a numbers game. Had there been several million people there it would be hard for any politician to ignore. Sadly there were not that many. Maybe next time eh…

I was quite late but there were many behind me…

I think it is time for people to stand up and be counted now. The future of our children is worth fighting for right? Or at least marching up and down a hill to a government building for… At least when my son is old enough to ask questions about this period in his life he will know that his old dad was on the right side of history. I truly believe that.


There are only so many speeches and chants I can endure. In fact really not that many… So after a short stay at the protest epicentre I retired to the town centre for one of these…

Trust me. This really hit the spot

Canberra looks quite a nice place. Not too big but a busy little CBD etc… I spotted a few places for more beer but as I was driving back to Sydney that would not have been a good idea. Next time though…

Spiderman was there… He can’t be accused of being anti-vax. Well, he is not anti-mask eh?

Well Done Canberra. That’s Champion

Here’s one for anyone old enough to remember. Have a look at this little video. This is a scene from Lake Burley in Canberra just outside the city centre. Recognise the music? Does that image ring any bells? Maybe it is just me….

This reminded me of the opening title scenes from a British TV series I used to watch when I was very young. (Apologies to anyone not British nor old enough but then the series may have been aired in other English speaking countries?) If you are around my age and British you should definitely get it…

The music is the theme from The Champions. A series made right at the end of the 1960s. I used to love it. If you are not familiar with it then check it out on youtube or similar (there are complete episodes!). The large fountain in the opening scene to that TV series was the ‘Jet d’Eau‘ in Geneva. I have been to Geneva three times and that bloody fountain was always under repair. Thank you Canberra!

The Next Day…

Meanwhile… Back closer to home I spotted this council “information” sign.

“Use this space at your own risk”? WTF?

Now where do think this was? Outside a hospital full of dying covid patients? Maybe at some industrial waste centre with all kinds of contaminated substances?  Near a Wuhan style virus manufacturing laboratory perhaps? No. It was here…

A council playing field.

On the fence of a fricking football field, where kids and adults go (in large numbers actually) to play, train and generally get/keep fit. In the bright sunshine (most days). Vitamin D used to be a good thing you know, for the body’s natural immune system. In the fresh air. A place for exercise – one of the few things they never banned by the way. There could hardly be a more healthy place to encourage people to go to. For feck sake!!!

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t believe that these people have been deliberately trying to terrify the population? The same people that pay their f@#king wages! Shame on them!

Just remember that. The next time there is a “protest” somewhere near you…

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