Film Review – Blacklight

Blacklight stars Liam Neeson (playing Liam Neeson) in a recap of several of his recent movies. It’s a typical action movie where those we think are there to protect us turn out to be the bad guys.

Actually Neeson’s character’s name in the movie is Travis Block. Where the hell do they get these names from? Anyway…


Block is some kind of shady Government agent who specializes in removing operatives who’s covers have been exposed.

One operative he is asked to bring in is on the verge of going to the media with his story. He had been so deep under cover that he now regretted what he was part of. His name is Dusty Crane – I kid you not – and when he gets killed, having only spilt half of the beans to a media reporter, Travis Block gets suspicious.

Well, what do you know? He uncovers a conspiracy within his own ranks that reaches all the way to the top of the FBI. It seems that the FBI has a top secret operation called Project Unity, which kills innocent civilians. That leave Block as a loose end so you can pretty much guess the rest. Right?

Predictable? Not exactly. But definitely much like most of Neeson’s films over the past decade. Nothing special in terms of having to think too hard to follow the story. Plus there’s enough fighting/shooting scenes to keep you awake.

Travis’ daughter is estranged – aren’t they always in his films? This is one of my main problems. She is really not in a good relationship with her father, doesn’t want him spending time with her daughter (his grand-child) yet in the end… see below. Travis’ granddaughter is the main reason why he is trying to retire. Of course his boss does not want him to retire and things become difficult between the two of them. Just as well with what’s to follow….


Considering he came out with that supposedly race tinted rant almost exactly 3 years ago, in today’s ‘cancel culture’,  Neeson has done incredibly well. Can there be any actor who has appeared in more movies since then? (Neeson has made 9 movies since then – three per year!)

As it is, Neeson is about to turn 70 years old so it is hard to see how much longer he can be involved in stories like this one. That said he has been playing a retired, or about to retire, guy in most of his recent movies so it’s not like they are pretending he is young. He clearly can’t do any of the scenes where his character is required to run – as in, chase people. But a crafty bit of editing almost sorts that out.

Spoiler Alerts: His boss is the real bad guy. The ending is all too quick and clean. Not only does his boss give himself up and confess (we are told) but his daughter suddenly accepts her dad and acts as if there was never a problem. It’s a quick, corny, almost cringe-worthy finale.

Just about bearable as an easy watch action flick that requires little or no thinking. But it will be hard to go and see another Neeson film that looks anything like this one. And let’s face it they all do. It’s just not worth it…

Score: 1 out of 5 stars. Don’t bother.
Wait for it to come on TV and fall asleep on your sofa watching it.

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