The Village of Eugowra – A Living Art Gallery

Walking the streets of the village of Eugowra is like strolling around an open-air art gallery. Everywhere you look there are works of art painted (mostly) on the walls. The whole place is like a living art gallery.

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The small town is about 340 km west of Sydney and about 36 km east of Forbes. It has a population of less than 1,000 (around 800).

As you are probably aware there is a fairly recent trend in Australia for (mostly) small rural towns to use the big old silos and water towers as giant canvasses for artwork. We have seen several of them and I have posted about the new art craze here...
There is none of that in Eugowra, but they have made a real effort to paint a multitude of murals all over town. Many are related to the buildings they are pained on others depict historical events or characters from the region.

Aside from the noticeable artwork, Eugowra is one of those lovely small towns that it would be hard not to like. Even though it was raining hard while I passed through my immediate thoughts were ‘what a nice little place’ (or words to that effect). I challenge anyone to think differently.

The town takes pride in being a place where bushrangers once hung out. A kind of ‘badge of honour’ like those worn by anywhere related to that most famous bushranger of all Ned Kelly.

Anyway enough of the talk here are some rain-soaked photos of most of the town’s murals. Plus a few other shots. Enjoy…

Another “Welcome” sign. This place calls itself “The Village of Murals”
The village swimming pool has two murals…
…both water themed. Naturally.
School mural

Two views of The Gentle Cow Café…..

A tribute to the cars of yesteryear. Suitably on the wall of a garage/car dealers

Now a supermarket and newsagents this was once the Imperial Theatre.

Side of the old cinema (Imperial Theatre) with movie poster paintings
This mural depicts the biggest gold robbery to take place in Australia.
Also on the old theatre building
More detail on theatre history…
Even here there are some run-down empty shops

A Ned Kelly statue guards the entrance to a café
Art Deco designed Escort Rock Café

The fantastic Central Hotel/Pub

Bushranger past: The Gardiner Gang operated in the Eugowra area
The Country Women’s Association building
Presumably the railway station used to be near this spot
No mural but a great old building.

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