Sydney Eisteddfod – School Choir Competition

Dani took part in the Sydney Eisteddfod yesterday with plenty of other children from his school. It was the first time for many of them – Daniel included – after the Eisteddfod had been cancelled the previous two years. Well actually, last year, schools entered the competition by sending in video recordings. But there is nothing like a live event with an audience.

The competitions were held at the Concourse concert hall in Chatswood, in north of Sydney. An excellent venue it has to be said. However the cost of entry for proud parents was a little bit on the expensive side. $25 per ticket! Ouch! I know they are trying to make up for the past two years but that was a bit steep. Then again, it all goes to the upkeep of a great venue. And of course they knew that the parents were going to pay it… Hmm…

Dani’s year 4 choir performed two songs written by their music teachers. They came third in their event. (How many were in their event? Don’t ask…) Overall it was a great experience for the kids.

There were two things wrong with the performance. One was a general problem, I felt. That was, that the accompanying piano was just too loud. It was the same for all choirs. Same piano!

If it had been adult choirs I am sure the stronger voices would have risen above the piano volume. But it was difficult to hear what the kids were singing at times. It was still enjoyable though.

There were signs telling us spectators that photos or video recordings were not permitted. Yeah right!. As if that was going to stop all those excited parents… It didn’t of course. Many were recording it on their phones. But it did stop me – more or less – apart from the odd photo. Here’s the only one worth looking at.

In this photo the Dani is completely obscured apart from part of his legs.

Dani remained almost completely hidden throughout the performance. One eye and the corner of his face just visible. That brings me nicely to my other minor gripe…

Why the hell did they not line up the kids on a height basis? That’s definitely not rocket science is it? Apart from the obvious fact that you couldn’t see some of the children, Dani and several other kids were basically singing into the backs of taller classmates. It never dampened his spirits though. He enjoyed it. They all did. And so did I.

The Concourse concert hall in Chatswood, north Sydney.

It was a great experience for the kids to perform on a big stage, at a great venue and in front of a fairly big audience. They can feel justly proud of themselves.

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