Bondi Mermaids Painting

Historical Paintings from Bondi

Way back in July of last year I wrote a post about two old statues that were known as the Bondi Mermaids – click here for that post. The remains of one of the “mermaids” is still on display at Waverley library in Bondi Junction. Recently there has been an art exhibition at the same library by local artist Janine Hall. She paints historical images of scenes in and around Bondi Beach (and Eastern Suburbs beaches in general).

Here is a snapshot of one she painted which really caught my eye. This is the classic, and now long gone, view of the Bondi Mermaids:

Bondi Mermaids by Janine Hall.

The exhibition is due to end any day now but you can catch Janine’s work on her website:

I have recently seen letters in local magazines from people asking if a campaign can be started to bring back the mermaids. It seems they were a firm favourite with tourists and I am sure that such a great photo opportunity would certainly be very popular again.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your blog Old Dad. How lovely of you to share this on your blog. I’m glad you like the exhibition. I will also be exhibiting at the upcoming Wonderland Art Festival at Bronte SLSC next month (12-14 Oct), so if you’re about, please pop in to say hi. Cheers, Janine

    1. Hi Janine, Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. Let’s hope your painting(s) inspires a return for the mermaids. I will try to make that exhibition in Bronte.

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