The Big Rocking Horse

In the world of the ‘Bigs’ of Australia this one was probably the biggest and most unusual one we have seen to date. This is the Big Rocking Horse of Gumeracha, South Australia…

Mostly the ‘Bigs’ have some context to the area they were made and erected. Like the Big Trout in the Snowy Mountains’ fish farming area, or the Big Oyster in the oyster harvesting town of Taree. This one exists for no other reason than it sits alongside a toy factory and shop. I am sure you will agree, that is reason enough. It can be visited on a day trip to the Adelaide Hills not far from the city. About 40 minutes drive.

The World’s Biggest Rocking Horse

The Big Rocking Horse

In 1973, after opening a wooden toy factory in Gumeracha, the owner decided to build a large roadside attraction on the site in order to attract passing traffic. The firstly he used a large wooden giraffe (about 5m tall). Then there were a series of rocking horses. One three metres tall then a five metre version. Eventually the Big Rocking Horse was built. The 18.3 metre tall structure was designed by David McIntosh and John Twopenny, and it was opened in 1981. It took eight months to construct and cost about $100,000. The rest as they say, is history. The Big Rocking Horse now sits proudly in the lists of Big Australian things you might find on the internet or guide books…

Dani on the normal sized rocking horse

Viewing Platforms

The rocking horse has three viewing platforms. The upper two only accessible via steel industrial style ladders hidden inside the horse. There is a charge of $2 to climb to the top of the horse but they do give you a certificate to verify that you made the climb to the top.

The site also has a great toy shop – which includes plenty of old style wooden toys – and a cafe/restaurant.

The details are on display…

This was a small part of our trip to Adelaide and surrounding area. Our first visit to South Australia. There will be more to come…

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