Another week in Jervis Bay

Its funny how when you get older the simpler things seem to please you. We spent another week (and a bit) in Jervis Bay before Christmas and (for me at least) it doesn’t really get any better than this…

Dani always seems to enjoy himself there too. He spent a lot of time on his bicycle including some off road biking in the National Parks. He also got some good use out of his skateboard and bodyboard. He also tried something called “boom-netting”. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s basically being dragged along behind a boat in a glorified netted play-pen. I had never tried it before although it was always on offer whenever I had visited various places around the world in the past. It just never appealed to me. I just thought it was for drunk back-packers – which of course it is! But I just discovered that it is also for old dads with nine year old sons. Rather reluctantly I agreed to audition to be shark bait.

As it still hasn’t really warmed up that much down-under yet (another cool, wet summer has been forecast) the water was definitely cold enough when the dolphin watching cruise ship dropped the net into the bay. Those stupid enough to have paid for the experience – there were only ten of us – took our places in the net. Then boom! The ship raced off while the cold water covered us. I was just getting used to the water temperature when it was time to get out. Typical eh? Anyway

Ready to boom-net


They say that the beaches in Jervis Bay area are among the best in Australia (of course they do) – and therefore along the best in the world. I would not want to get into that debate but I certainly wouldn’t waste any time arguing against that little piece of local sales tourism.

We went to a few new beaches on this our 9th? 10th? visit to the area. (But who’s counting?)

Like a men’s aftershave commercial. Minus the muscles.

Yet another beach. Yet another pose

Then his hair came off…. Haircuts long overdue for both of us.

Just before leaving we had one more full day that included the now annual Santa Bike Ride in aid of the local volunteer fire fighters. Hundreds turned up dressed as Santa and various other Christmas themed characters. But that one is worth a post all of its own… Stay tuned…

The wonderful Huskisson Picture House decorated for Christmas
Crocodile Dan-dee trying the headwear at the Christmas market
A spot of golf. He ran me close and beat his mum!

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