In and Out of Sydney

There will be a series of posts about our trip to Western Australia coming up (as promised) so please look out for those. But this weekend we had a quick trip to the Blue Mountains. I also got to see something close up that we have seen many times from the car on the main road to & from the harbour tunnel.

First, A Quick Word…

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OK, sales pitch done. Here is what we saw this weekend…

Is This One of The “Bigs” of Australia?

This “work of art” sits right behind the NSW Art Gallery in the centre of Sydney. It also overlooks the main highway leading to/from the harbour tunnel. We have passed this many times heading north on trips and returning home. I have been meaning to get a close up look at this for some time. But I never realised how big it was.

The Big Matchsticks

Called “The Big Matchsticks” on Google maps this piece is never listed in those lists of Big things in Australia (or “Bigs”). Not that I have seen at least. Maybe it should be. One is a complete (unused) matchstick while the other is half ‘burnt’.

As I walked away from this curious artwork it occurred to me that most kids today probably don’t know what a match is, or how to use one. You hardly ever see them now eh? Even most smokers use lighters.

Blue Mountains National Park – Quick Trip

We also took a quick trip up to the mountains – yet again! We only went as far as Glenbrook – the first port of call in the Blue Mountains National Park. But even after many trips here we hadn’t been to this particular part.

After entering the national park we went to the bottom of the valley, crossed the Glenbrook Creek and up the other side of the Glenbrook Gorge. Considering this is the first port of call in the Blue Mountains and at the lower altitudes, the views are stunning.

Stunning backdrop of the Glenbrook Gorge. Blinding new white shoes!
Views overlooking the Nepean River and the Glenbrook Creek and Gorge
Great scenery even here at the low end of the mountains

That was Saturday morning. Later in the day it rained and the rain and cloudy skies continued for the rest of the weekend. It’s turning into another wet summer in this part of Australia…

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