Eight Years Old Today (This Blog)

Today is the eighth birthday for this blog. Wow! Where does the time go?

Eight years ago I made my (first) break from the workplace. Well it was a bit more really as I had to plan my escape.

So much has happened since then – as it does of course. But the biggest change in Dani’s life is the move to Australia. Last week Dani began his fourth school year in Australia.

Back when I started this blog he was in nursery in Madrid and dressing up as Clarke Kent (aka Superman). The best way to see how he has changed is to look at one of the more recent photos side by side with one of the first…


Hmm… Hardly changed at all really. To me anyway.

To see my first blog post – from way back in February 2016 – click here

Now I need to get back up to speed with the posts for our Western Australia trip. And push on to blog-birthday number nine.


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