The Big Camera at Meckering (WA)

The Big Camera

On our trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie we passed through the small town of Meckering. The Big Camera is on the edge of the small town of Meckering, about 133km east of Perth. This one appears on those lists such as “The Bigs of Australia”. It was clearly an old petrol station and the office/shop building has been modified to look like a huge SLR camera. The entrance door is in the “lens”.

The Big Camera at Meckering

Once inside there are a few old cameras and associated equipment. But when you pay the $15 fee to enter the real museum through the back, you see more camera makes and models than you ever thought were possible. You will certainly recognise many old cameras, especially the ones you probably bought and owned yourself.

So many cameras, so little time…

There were plenty of novelty cameras too. All in all, I would say the entry fee is worth it. We could easily spent a lot more time browsing the camera collection but we had plenty of kilometres to cover. Take a look at some of the cameras on display. There will certainly be some types you remember and probably even owned…

This is a great place for anyone remotely interested in photography. Emphasis on “remote” however…

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