Charming The Stingrays near Margaret River

Here are a few more points of interest close to Margaret River…

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Hamelin Bay

The Beach at Hamelin Bay – only 25 minutes away from Margaret River – is a must see. Yes, the beaches are fantastic, but the real reason to come here is the huge stingrays that come right close to the shore. These beautiful creatures come right up to you when you paddle in the shallows even allowing you to touch them. Needless to say Dani loved it.

Fantastic beaches at Hamelin Bay, but these are not the big attraction

I think it’s fair to say that Dani is becoming a little blasé about a lot of things. The amount of truly amazing things he has seen and done since we came to Australia is mind boggling for me. So it is hard to gauge how he really feels about it all. When I was his age the best we had was a week’s holiday to the coast in a caravan or holiday camp, usually within an hour or two drive from home. That’s not to say we never enjoyed it. We did. A lot! You make the most of what you have. I always agreed with that old saying. But to me, when I was Dani’s age? Wow! The thought of doing and seeing what he has this past three years would have blown my mind.

Dani the Stingray Whisperer

River Mouth and Surf Beaches

Margaret River meets the Indian Ocean – well, almost

More or less directly west of Margaret River town the river itself meets the sea. Yet it didn’t quite make it into the Indian Ocean when we were there. It was the middle of summer however. When it rains I am sure the river will flow right into the sea. Maybe at high tide the two would meet in summer too? We never got to see either.

Margaret River. That’s the river not the town. As it meets the sea

Just down the road is Surfers Point; a go to site for surfers, windsurfer and kite surfers.

Surfers Point.

Gnarabup Beach off Surfers Point

Why do they do this?

This is a lookout near one of the beaches in this area. Incredibly they build and maintain these things but fail to keep the “view” clear. In this case the beach is not visible because the trees have grown to big – as they tend to do if left uncut. This happens a lot in Australia. So much money is spent on making (in some cases) elaborate walkways to reach a well built lookouts, only to leave the plants grow wild. There is no lookout! Unless you consider looking into a tree as a lookout. What’s the point? Cut the vegetation!!

Waste of taxpayer’s money.

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