Art Exhibition and Competition

One of Dani’s after school activities is Art Club. He is not very good at it (not that I am really qualified to say) but he genuinely does like it. And that is what is most important.

For most of this term his Art Club group have been making a painting for an exhibition at the local library which just also happens to be a youth art competition. The prize is several hundred dollar worth of art supplies, so the kids at the Art Club are keen to win. The other day I spotted it on display. There was plenty of competition too. See below…

Some of the large collection of artwork entries
The painting by Dani and his school Art Club

Dani’s Art Club painting (above) is basically a collage of individual paintings – one per member of the club – brought together to form two hands. A clever idea that allowed the kids to more or less do their own thing while being part of the bigger picture.

It is located half way up the stairs in quite a prominent position. Hard to miss actually. Perhaps that will sway the judges. I will of course keep you informed.

Oh, and Dani’s contribution? The second square from the right, on the top row.


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