Watsons Bay to Rose Bay Walk

This weekend we did another leg of the famed Bondi to Manly coastal walk. Not that we are trying to do it all (particularly) but each year the colleagues of Dani’s mum organise the whole walk between them. Small groups doing one or two legs of the 80km route over the weekend. Last year we did Bondi Beach to Watson’s Bay, this year we did Watson’s Bay to Rose Bay. We took the bus to Watsons Bay and another bus back home from Rose Bay. Luckily the weather was perfect.

The official walk was 10km – or approximately 11,800 steps (according to Dani’s mum’s mobile phone app). Overall, with walking to and from bus stops, it came to (about) 12km or 15,000 steps (on the app). Dani had his mate from our building for moral support and they both did well.

Top: Watson’s Bay swimming pool. Bottom: View to CBD from Watsons Bay

Along the route there are quite a few small beaches. It’s hard to call them “hidden” beaches as they are all clearly visible and accessible from this path. But before development of this part of the world they would have been easier to access from the sea.

Some of the small ‘hidden’ beaches on the trail

Along the route we passed a curious old cemetery (see photo below) only a few metres from the sea, and here is its story:
In 1882, religious people from the Society of the Sacred Heart travelled from England and established a school of the Sacred Heart in Sydney. The site, which is still a school, is just inland of this cemetery. The Chapel construction began in 1897 and was completed in 1900. The cemetery was first used in 1891 with one of the students being the the first burial.

Main: View across Rose Bay with Shark Island. Bottom right: Sacred Heart Cemetery

Rose Bay is accessible land, sea and air. Near the ferry wharf is the sea plane terminal (see photos).

Arrive in Rose Bay by land, sea and air

Rose Bay has many shops, cafes and restaurants. Even some small alleys have been artistically renovated and provide extra shops and businesses.  Collins Lane (below) is a fine example.

Collins Lane, Rose Bay – from both ends
Near the Rose Bay Wharf. Sea plane terminal and distance markers

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