Hi there,

I wrote the introduction below almost 3 years ago. In about two weeks’ time Dani will be 5 years old. So I thought I had better update this page.

That year’s sabbatical actually turned into 18 months (for reasons more or less explained in one of the posts). Now I am looking at short term contract work with a view to some kind of retirement and spending as much time with my son as possible.

A lot has happened since I started this Blog and the time really has gone so quickly. That said, everything I wrote below when I started, still stands. So on that basis I don’t want to change it… Please read on.

Original Intro….

I’m Chris, a first time dad in his 50s. This year I decided to take a year out of the workplace to spend more time with my 2 year old son Daniel (we call him Dani). We live in Madrid, Spain, with his mother Beatriz.

The main reason is very simple. Time.

Time is the biggest enemy/factor. Biggest and very real. While Dani is only 2 years old I will be 52 in a few months. With almost 50 years between us I am indeed an old dad.

This Blog is about my hopes and fears for Dani. It is all about wanting to be around for him more than a working dad could possibly be.

We will be moving between Spain and the UK. Dani will have the best (and I suppose the worst) of both worlds.  There will be posts highlighting the differences in culture between the two countries and hopefully many other interesting posts related (sometimes very loosely I admit) to raising a young child between two different countries, cultures and languages.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Brave move and probably prove more of a challenge than some of your past work projects! Look forward to reading the adventures/capers you both get up to. Good luck!


    1. Yes indeed. The health and particularly the safety challenges are now huge. He fell off the sofa today but it was a quick recovery.
      Even though there were other adults closer to him he cried out for his “papá”. Nice boy!!


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