Mother’s Day – Día de la Madre

Oops!. Almost forgot. Sunday 1st May was Mother’s day in Spain (día de la madre). It was a hectic weekend for one reason and another, but while this old dad forgot to add a blog post at least Dani did not forget the day.

Not only did he buy his mother a card and make a small gift (a cute little heart-shaped cactus), he also bought her a small Lego set. It is a little too technical for him at the moment but who knows? In the near future he may well get to play with that Lego set himself. Clever boy.

Mothers day cactus

Mother’s day in Spain is always the first Sunday of May so the actual date varies – unlike Father’s day which always on the same day (March 19th).

Apparently modern day mother’s day celebrations can be traced back to two American women. One of whom (Anna Jarvis) tried to stop the over-commercialisation of Mother’s Day by filing a law suit. She lost. Not much chance of that being successful in America eh?

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