Biscuit Disaster

Just over a week ago we made a new batch of biscuits. Then we spent a week in the UK and almost forgot about them until last night when Dani saw the biscuit barrel and asked for one.

For the latest batch we used self raising flour instead of plain flour. Partly as we had just enough of this ingredient left over from the cake baking but also I thought it would be a slight improvement to the recipe.

A good idea?

My great idea was that by using self raising flour I could roll out the dough mix thinner (thinking they would rise) and therefore be able to cut more biscuits from the mix. This I did, although the biscuits did not rise as much as I thought they might. Nonetheless they looked perfect when I took them from the oven.

Even better they were far less brittle. I had been wondering for some time how to make the biscuits less brittle. How to reduce the spread of crumbs when Dani ate them. I am still not exactly sure why but this batch seemed to be the answer. Is it simply rolling out thinner biscuits but baking for the same time? Does anyone know?

Fantastic. More biscuits and less mess! An improvement. What could go wrong?

The answer was simple. Dani does not like them. I don’t understand why but think it is probably just because the texture is different. It seems he prefers – and is certainly more accustomed to – the more brittle biscuits. He certainly does not like sudden changes to his little routines and tastes.

If it’s not broke…

Now we are going to have to make another batch using the tried and trusted recipe. On the plus side I really like this latest batch – so they will not go to waste.

I should have known better than mess with Dani’s favourite biscuit mix. It certainly reminds me of the old saying: “If it’s not broke then don’t fix it”.

Or maybe “That’s how the cookie crumbles” is more apt in this case.

I am sure there are more daft but apt sayings but I will leave it there… Feel free to send in your daft sayings.

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