LEGO – Getting the Bug

What age does a child normally get the Lego bug?

I suppose like everything else in their development it varies from child to child.

It is just over 2 months since I wrote about buying Dani his first Lego (Duplo) set .

He is now building on his own and does not need any encouragement to do so. Ok, he only builds the most basic tower – as in, how many bricks can you stack one on top of another? – but there is some invention there and the main thing is he definitely likes it.

More than that there is a certain pride in the crazy structures he builds. His parting line when leaving the room and pointing to the Lego is: “Don’t touch it! OK?” (I am sure he got that one from me).

Not as much pride as I get from watching him build with the Lego however. This really marks the start of a fantastic journey into the world of Lego. It will just get better and better. Great 🙂

FIrst LEgo build

Twin Towers? Hardly.

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