Intense Potty Training

So this is potty training. What fun!

I suppose I have been dreading this stage in Dani’s development. Partly because he has been so quick with everything else and always showed signs that somehow he would resist using the toilet. Something was always going to be difficult.

I knew this because we had bought him all the vital equipment a while ago and had tentatively tried to get him to use them – with no luck at all. However, things are getting serious now as he needs to be toilet trained for September when he starts full time school. Crazy really as he is only 2 years and 8 months old but this is the reality of the Spanish school system.

Start of Intense Training…

Last weekend his training started in earnest. Out went the nappies (pañales) and in came the underpants. Various designs – mainly featuring the Minions oddly enough.

I never realised we had so many but just as well. In the first day he went through about 6 pairs of undies and had two number 2s on the floor, just missing the finishing line of the toilet seat. Better luck next time eh?

The last two days he has shown some success and copied his old dad. A sort of team pissing event you could say. Me using the toilet while Dani stands over his bright green potty. Yet it is not consistent as he has also completely refused to use the bathroom even though he clearly has been desperate to relieve his bladder. On one occasion peeing on the floor just outside the bathroom.

Quick with most things, Slow with this one…

When he is in the mood he will do it when he is not there seems to be nothing we can do. All very odd. I say it is very odd because his speech development is excellent for his age. He will engage in a conversation and he definitely knows what he should be doing. He just will not do it half of the time.

Maybe he just misses his nappy. Funny how he never missed his dummy nor his bottle. This one is a lot more difficult and a lot more important. Maybe, just maybe, the whole thing is (for want of a better phrase) stressing him out. Could he be stressing about it?

The height of stress – telling his parents that he needs the toilet. Oh to be that young….


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