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Toilet training update…

Well it’s been two weeks now since Dani started his serious toilet training and I have to say he has done well. Very well. Much better than I expected. He has even quietly disappeared on his own to take a good dump. I was so proud of him. There is one thing however. He really does not like the kids’ toilet seat. He will only use the potty although he will use a normal toilet seat in a restaurant or bar.

There is definitely something he dislikes about those kids’ toilet seat reducer things. What the hell are they called? Anyway, you get the point right?

He is almost accident free but has still managed a few minor trickles. The best part though is that we can more or less get him to pee on demand. A bit like what you are supposed to be able to do when training a dog. Pee only though on that one I am afraid. The big number two jobs come only when he wants them to.

While we are on the subject of shit….

This weekend I took Dani to the Retiro park in central Madrid. Apart from all the usual parky things there are several buildings where they set up art exhibitions. We went into one of them – free entry of course, and just as well. This was an exhibition by some bloke (or women?) called Rémy Zaugg.

What complete and utter shit! There were some “works of art” that were nothing more than a one coloured canvas. Some called “Blue Canvas” (or something like that). Others called “sheet of paper” and “sheet of paper II” (and so on) were nothing more than old newspapers and waste paper stuck together – or so it seemed. I kid you not. See the photos below.

Well there is one thing those works could be good for. An old sheet of paper is perfect for cleaning up after a visit to the toilet. For “Sheet of Paper” read “shit paper”…

Back to the subject of toilet habits: They are really taking the piss with this shit!

shit paper
Sheet of Paper?
blue canvas
Blue Canvas?

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