Another Lesson for Dad

After nearly two months of school Dani has settled in. He now goes into school with a little skip in has step and has not cried for weeks. Until today that is.

At that young age the slightest thing can send him into meltdown. Like a mercury tilt switch. A hair trigger. If you can avoid these things it makes life so much easier. But how can you foresee all of them?

You can’t. They come in so many weird and wonderful forms…

Break on Through…

Today that hair trigger came to us courtesy of a song on the radio. Dani loves some of the songs played on Rock FM and this morning one of them was playing as I parked the car and switched off the engine. Incredible as it may sound that song was “Break on Through to the Other Side” by the Doors.

As I tried to take him out of the car he started wailing that he wanted to hear the rest of the song. How do you explain that to the ladies in white waiting to greet the kids at the doors of the classrooms?

Fortunately I managed to calm him down sufficiently and he walked in through the gates barely sobbing.

The Lesson…

Today’s lesson? Never, ever, try to take him out of the car half way through one of his songs. Or better still, only play a boring news channel on the way to school…

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