A Week is a Long Time…

There’s a saying that a week is a long time in politics. A week can seem like a lifetime to a young child. Especially one waiting for a birthday. By the end of this week Dani will be three years old.

Dani’s nanna, one of his aunties, one of his cousins and two of his great aunts will be coming over to see him.

A week really is a long time in politics…

Meanwhile last week was indeed a very long one in the world of Spanish and British politics. After more than 10 months without a government the leader of the PP and Prime Minster elect, Mariano Rajoy, unveiled his cabinet of ministers. They all posed smiling for the cameras as if it was some great victory. However, with no majority they will be unable to get anything done. The opposition parties have made that clear. What a farce. The reason, as described in a previous post, is the electoral system in Spain – proportional representation. At least is easy enough to explain to a child. Although admittedly maybe not a 3-year old.

But how can anyone explain to a child – even a teenager – the events in the UK last week? There, the referendum result to Leave the EU is in serious danger of being overturned. Not by the EU – although it is their favourite trick getting countries to vote again until they get the result that they want. No, in this case it is Britain’s own doing the EU’s dirty work. Three unelected judges have decided that the act of leaving the EU must be passed by both houses of parliament. Naturally with the majority of MPs in both houses opposed to leaving the EU the chances of the people of the country getting what they voted so clearly for are near impossible.

Could Dani be witnessing the death of democracy in his paternal homeland; the so called mother of parliaments? More to point does he even care? No of course not.


He will be far more interested in opening his presents this Saturday to find the Playmobil van he specifically asked for. I must get out and find one today before it is too late. I have already checked the big stores without any luck!. Dani was very specific. He does not want a special type of van like a police van. He wants an ordinary, plain, common van. There does not seem to be one in the current Playmobil range.

While Lego is undoubtedly the best toy ever – as you never really grow out of it – to a three year old Playmobil is just as good. I have to say I quite like it too. More on the Playmobil phenomena later. I have two toyshops still to check…

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