A Sad Day

Today is a very sad day. Not only would this have been Dani’s granddad’s 73rd birthday – the granddad he never knew – but last night Dani’s oldest relative passed away.  I wrote about her in a post back in March – click here to read.

Delores – affectionately known as Lalala – was 98 last March. She shared the same birthday as Dani’s nanna.

Although Dani had met her a few times he is too young to remember her. It’s a real shame as there are so few people of that magnificent age. It would have been fantastic for Dani to have a real conversation with her. Fortunately we have photos of Dani with Lalala. There are also members of Dani’s family who knew her well and can tell him all about her when he is a little older.

May she rest in peace.

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