End of Term

So today is the last day of Dani’s first term of school. All the kids turned up dressed as shepherds or shepherdesses – is there even such a word? Changing the gender of a word in English sometimes makes the word sound made up. Well, to me it does. In Spanish it is pastores and pastoras. The Spanish easily slip the words between the masculine and feminine.

Waiting in the school yard Dani was in awe to see some of the teachers playing instruments and singing Christmas songs. One of them was his favourite teacher – Frau Silvia, his German teacher no less – playing the electric piano. Hard work on this cold Mardid winter morning.

I am not sure what they will be doing all dressed in the same costumes. It seems to me like they have exchanged one school uniform for another. If that sounds to you like it is coming directly from a cynical old dad then you would be wrong. I really enjoyed seeing all the kids turn up in their new uniforms. In any case the important thing is that the kids enjoy their last day before the Christmas holidays. I am sure Dani will enjoy it.

pastor-a              pastor-1

Rubbish photos I know. But this kid barely stands still long enough to take one so in reality these are not bad…

Another Rock Concert…

Last weekend Dani attended his second rock concert in as many weeks. This time it was set up by a local social and cultural centre (centro cultural) in the small theatre that is part of the facility. Great little setting but shame about the band. Not to be too harsh – they certainly could play etc – but it was missing something that the little pub concert last week had in bundles. Fun!

The group were called Music In Action (MIA). Missing in action more like. The fun part at least. They made an effort but they played mainly their own songs – which were average at best – and played the odd cover. Sadly the cover versions were of songs that would hardly excite a 3  year old. Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes being on of them. Yes. Exactly! WTF? I know. Save it for the football matches.

Dani almost fell asleep but I think that was just normal tiredness and the timing of the “concert” (about 6pm). It was billed as Concierto Familiar (family concert) – Rock & Learn;  but I think they forgot about the kids being part of the family. Still it could have been worse I suppose.

Back to today…

I am sure he will enjoy this last day of term. He has really settled into the school and more importantly his class. He now refers to them all as his amigos.  There will be many more last days of term and plenty more concerts for the lad.

Meanwhile, Dani’s Spanish cousin Susana is back from Venezuela for Christmas. They arrived yesterday fully jetlagged as you would expect; so we will see them after school today.  Another reason he is excited.

El Gordo…

Almost forgot. Yesterday I bought my first ever Christmas National Lottery ticket – El Gordo – the big (fat) one in English. Famed as being the biggest lottery in the world the draw takes place tomorrow. At €20 for one ticket no wonder there are so many prizes!

So here’s to good luck and fingers crossed. OK. I know in reality it is just another €20 down the drain…

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