Back to Work Soon? Maybe…

Today I am going to turn down a very high paying job. The reason? That’s simple: My son.

It only takes the slightest doubt…

I have had two telephone interviews and they have made it clear that they want me to start working for them. I asked for a couple of more days to decide and discuss with my family as it will mean working away and only seeing Dani at the weekends – flights allowing etc… The job is (or would be) outside of Spain. Not the UK but in another European country where I would not know anyone. In the past that would not have bothered me as I would simply do the work during the week then go home at weekends – just as many people do. Now however my outlook is different.

Everything about the job seems fine to me. It is only because it is in another country. Thinking about it makes me feel like I am already missing Dani. The fact that I have these nagging little doubts surely means that I am right not to take the job; yes? At least that is what I am telling myself.

Returning to work at some point…

When I started on this sabbatical year I always knew that I would need to return to work. That year is more or less over – in a week’s time in fact! I always said that I would not take just any old job and that I would be a little more selective than I might normally be. Fussy even.

So, what does that mean exactly? Well, ideally local and well paid. Failing that, local and reasonably well paid. In either case I would still be able to see Dani every day. Failing that probably something in the UK; close enough to be able to visit friends and family while I am unable to see my little boy. I always thought that I would probably need to take a job in the UK as there are far fewer options for me in Spain.

Trying to spend time in two countries is hard enough; but three!? Apart from the money I see little or no attraction in that.

No Regrets…Ever.

Am I making a mistake? Jobs like this do not come around that often. Will something more suitable come my way in the near future? Only time will tell.

Whatever happens I will not regret this decision. Life is too short for regrets. An old acquaintance once told me: “Never regret anything. You cannot live in the past.” Wise words.

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