Still on the Jobs Market

Well, I did it.

If you read the previous post you will know what I mean. I turned down a high paying job because I could not bear the thought of being away from Dani for so long. I called the agent involved just before going to pick the little fella up from school. Sure enough when he came out muttering “papi, papi” and scanning around trying to spot me it all made perfect sense. You simply can’t buy that stuff.

As I carried him off the premises I asked him for a hug and a kiss. “No” he replied without hesitation and a cheeky grin. The little chimp! If he knew what I had just done because of him would he hug me tight? Probably not. He does things like that only when he feels like.

I told him anyway but it seemed to go in one ear and out of the other. At some point Dani will be old enough to realise what I just did. But that’s a few years a away still.

Will I get any thanks for it? Probably not – at least no until he is a  lot older..

Do I care? No.

I did it for myself as much as Dani. A couple of months working away on a short-term contract I could probably handle but this would have been a commitment of two to three years.

Regrets? You must be joking. Even though he was a pain in the butt for the rest of the evening I think it’s great. He is just a real fun little character and I love him.

2 thoughts on “Still on the Jobs Market

  1. Glad you’ve made the right decision and even happier that you recognise it as such! You won’t regret it, even if you question your sanity sometimes in the future; that’s just called parenthood. Daniel will definitely appreciate your choice of putting your relationship with him before the lure of the filthy lucre 🙂

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