Working for the Tooth Fairy?

As I am currently looking for work something daft occurred to me. In a little over a year from now I could be working for the tooth fairy. I am not sure what the going rate is these days but I am sure I will know when the time comes. It has to be a single coin. Fifty cents seems a little too cheap so I am guessing €1. Of course, it could be €2 – two euros!! Wow. That makes a full set of kid’s teeth worth €40 which is approximately forty six quid at today’s exchange rates. Then there is post Brexit currency fluctuation to consider… Blimey! It doesn’t seem five minutes since he cut his first tooth. Even so it is good to be prepared for what is to come.

Milk Teeth…

The reason this is all is on my mind is quite odd. The other day Dani’s mum lost a tooth. It just kind of fell out while she was eating. It turns out that it was a milk tooth. An X-ray revealed the adult tooth is still stuck up above in the gum (presumably now wanting to finally come out). Only a few weeks from her 42nd birthday she still had a milk tooth. How amazing is that?

I knew that there are twenty milk teeth and these fall out to be replaced by thirty two adult teeth but apart from that I never really gave it much thought. I assumed all adults would have lost theirs during the teenage years at the very latest. Not so. A quick search on the good old internet and there were a few in their 40s claiming to still have milk teeth. Several in their 30s and more in their 20s. While not exactly common it is not as rare as I would have thought. Incidentally the oldest one I could find was a 51 year old

No Early Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Dani’s mum threw the tooth away almost immediately. So, there will be no visit from the tooth fairy for her. In a year or (probably) two that fairy will be busy enough in these parts.

By the way, it was an upper canine tooth in case you are interested. Barking eh?

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