Recipe: Quick & Easy Trifle

Unfortunately your kids might just love this…

I say this in all honesty. Making this trifle will make you selfish and greedy in equal measure. If your kids love this recipe – as I suspect they will – then you are going to have to snaffle large portions when they have gone to bed and lie when it’s all gone! Big time!

Fortunately I think it will appeal more to the taste-buds of older kids and Dani is not quite old enough to like this one. Just as well. More for me.

This recipe comes from a book we found in a second hand charity sale. It is in English and called “Cookbook for Boys”. At only 50 cents and it is the bargain of the year so far. OK it’s only January but I think this one will be a contender come December.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

It can be broken down in to three layers and three very easy steps…

Step 1: The sponge (or cake) layer. Any basic sponge-like cake will do, the more sugar-free the better. This time I used typical trifle sponge fingers (big ones). Soaked in as many tablespoons of apple juice as you like.

step-1Step 2: Add a layer of fruit. Any fruit you like or any mix. Feel free to experiment. It is so hard to get this wrong but you may find your exact perfect formula. I tend to use peaches.

step-2Step 3: The piéce de résistance (for this old dad anyway). Mix 250g of Mascarpone with a carton of Greek yogurt and spread on top. Et voilá! A perfect, delicious and best of all incredibly simple to make trifle.


Now pop it in the fridge for at least half an hour to cool and allow the sponge layer to soak up the juices. Perfection! (It actually tastes even better when left overnight.)

Options… Have fun and Experiment

It really is so simple and best of all it is probably as healthy as this type of dessert can be. The use of fruit and yogurt is always a great combination. Even the use of apple juice is easy and relatively healthy. It doesn’t have to be apple juice it could be any favourite fruit juice you like but apple seems to be the best. It always goes well with whatever fruit you add in layer number 2.

It does not have to be peaches in layer number 2. They are just so good in Spain – even the tinned variety. It can be any fruit within reason. One of my favourite options is to blend strawberries and raspberries into a smoothy and pour them over the sponge layer. Then continue as above.


I have no idea if it is supposed to be healthy or not. In fact the original recipe gave the option of either cream cheese or mascarpone. Both work well – quark also – but for me it has to be mascarpone.

The possibilities are endless really. It all depends on what fruits and flavours you and your kids prefer. Who am I kidding? Once you have tried this the kids preferences will not get a look in.

Make it up as you go along. Providing you follow the basic idea you really cannot go wrong. Go ahead. Pimp my Trifle !         finished-profile

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