A Year Has Passed…

(A year has passed since I wrote my note… Message in a Bottle by The Police)

It has now been over a year since I started this Blog. I never really intended to do one but was more or less talked into it by a friend. My intentions were to write about things that I do with my little boy and anything that has an effect on my young son. Now or in the future.

A lot has happened in one year. Dani is now 3 years old and can chat away with anyone. Although he has definitely changed he still seems like the same baby boy to me. I wonder when that will stop?


I hope that it has been interesting to read – even funny in some cases – but the main aim was to have something out there for Dani to read when he is old enough.

However, now that I am used to writing things for general consumption I will continue. Why not? After all I find it fun most of the time. So please continue to read this Blog and feel free to pass it on to anyone you know who may enjoy reading it.

In most cases I find it hard to keep the Blog post short and sweet so I hope they are not too long. This one is an exception as I have to get it posted and off out.


Tomorrow is Dani’s mother’s birthday which means that I need to go shopping; otherwise what will Dani get for his mother?

Actually, I think Dani already has something lined up for his mum. It is his dad who needs to get a move on.

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