Bucket List? Not Exactly.

Old Dad Fears

When I started this Blog I spoke about my hopes and fears for Dani. It’s a natural concern because of the age difference. When Dani reaches double figures I will be almost 60.

While I try not to dwell on things like the age difference too much, naturally things like that are always in the back of my mind. It’s what being an old dad is all about.

Bucket List

One thing I have never really had was a Bucket List. I have heard that term a lot in recent weeks oddly enough. It is something many people start to talk about when they reach a certain age (possibly 50). For most people a bucket list is made up mainly of places they want to see in the world. Maybe because I have already done a lot of travelling and seen most of the places I wanted to. There are a few places I still want to see – even some in the UK and Spain – but for me a bucket list of a few places to see is not very high on my list of priorities.

The Dinner List

However, I do have something similar. My equivalent is all about meeting people. I call it the Dinner List. It is just that. A list of people who I would like to sit and talk to over dinner. Not like a dinner date – although some on my list are women – but just a good old fashioned chin-wag over some fine cuisine.

Any average bucket list would probably contain the names of famous people that the list owner would like to meet. But mine is not just about meeting them. I am not an autograph hunter nor am I interested in taking a selfie with so called celebrities. It is about sitting down for dinner and talking. Having a meaningful conversation. About anything and everything.

So to the List…

Having such a list makes me more aware of the age difference between myself and Dani because of the simple but obvious fact that people have been dropping off my list. Nelson Mandela, Muhammed Ali, Fidel Castro and Lauren Bacall to name a few. The List changes from time to time as I realise that there are others I want to add or move up the ranking. Here are the main names on my list (at the moment and in no particular order):

George Foreman (ex-boxer – I could make a separate list of boxers alone)
Morgan Freeman (actor and ironically, star of the Bucket List movie)
Anthony Hopkins (actor)
Robert Mugabe (politician)
Steve Ovett (ex-athlete)
Katie Hopkins (journalist)
Diego Maradona (ex-footballer)
Her Majesty the Queen (of course)

How do you go about arranging to have dinner with these people? I will start with emails but won’t hold my breath. Actually I think four on that list are quite possible. Can you guess which ones?

Probably a more poignant question is this one:
How long before I am arrested for being a suspected stalker? Haha…

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