Too Many Bars and a Child’s Imagination.

One of the good things about Spain is the way the Spanish allow kids to enter bars at any age – provided they are accompanied by an adult. People in the UK think that this is why the kids on the continent grow up with more respect for alcohol. Well, I certainly can’t speak for all kids of both nationalities but the Spanish do seem to be a little more civilised when it comes to alcohol. That’s not to say there isn’t an increasing problem with teenagers drinking too much, but I digress…

For a three year old Dani has seen his fair share of drinking establishment interiors.

Pizza Anti-Squash thingies…

Now this is not a trick question. I genuinely would like to know. What do they call those little white plastic tripods that they put on top of pizzas to stop the boxes being squashed? There must be a name for them. Anyone know?

Dani does not know what they are called either but when we gave him a couple that came with a delivered pizza he immediately knew what to do with them. He obviously remembers the many bars he has been in with his old dad.

He used them just like the high tables you see in bars. The classic toddler’s creative small world play. He now has the perfect place for his Playmobil people to kick back and socialise. When they are not driving around in their vehicles of course. His very own Playmobil bar. How cute!

I wonder if the designers at Playmobil have thought about marketing a set based around a bar? They have sets for pretty much every other scenario. I might just write to them with the suggestion.

20170218_104749-1  20170218_105037-120170218_104823Dogs allowed in this bar it seems. theatre

Following a drink the Playmobil folk enjoyed a theatre performance with some of the toy animals. A very sociable and cultured bunch.

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