Carnival Time – Again!

Yesterday was carnival time at school. OK, it was a little later this year. Normally the day is celebrated at the start of Lent. This year the school decided to do it on the 16th of March because today is a holiday. I have no idea why, but in the Madrid autonomous region the 17th March – which happens to be Saint Patrick’s day – is a bank holiday for schools.

Super Heroes all the way…

For the past two years Dani has been dressed as Superman and Clark Kent (allegedly one and the same person not that you would ever know with such a great disguise.) This year, continuing the super hero theme, it could only be Iron Man.

Sure enough the rest of the crew were also there; Batman, Spiderman, Captain America. Even a Batgirl. I felt weak and powerless in the presence of such heroes; yet strangely very safe. Definitely one of those days where you want to be a fly on the school wall.

Iron Man meets Batman – In The Playground

A bit like Toy Story….

It really is a great age to be dressing up and playing as superheroes. My own memories of such times are extremely vague. Hardly helped by the onset of some 50 years. I wonder if Dani will remember this day or if it will become just a blur of excitement?

With so many heroes in so many shows it must be difficult to remember them all. Despite the hi-tech films such as Ironman Dani still loves his other heroes like Thomas the tank engine just as much. That is why I love having a son this age. It reminds me of Toy Story where the young boy Andy plays with his new hi-tech Buzz Lightyear but also plays with the baby toys like Slinky Dog and Mr. Potato Head. Dani is at that stage now and I hope it lasts for a few more years to come.

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