Father’s Day – In Spain

Last year I wrote a little piece about Father’s Day in Spain (read it again here – Día del Padre). How time flies. Father’s day arrived again at the weekend.

This year Dani got his dad a collection of Iron Man comics in the form of a little book. Excellent – and thoughtful eh? We can read the stories together. ‘Wow. It doesn’t get much better than that’ I told him. Actually kids, it really doesn’t get much better than reading Marvel comics. One of life’s great pleasures. Genuine escapism.

He also made me a fridge magnet in school. Exactly what I needed. At least that is what I told him. Like most kids his age he genuinely loves fridge magnets. Why do kids of that age have such a fascination for them? I have to admit I have no idea what are they for?

Two Great Father’s Day Presents

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