Is This Kid Going To Wear Me Out?

Is this kid going to wear me out?

It is a thought I have had a few times. It is the age gap. It doesn’t worry me but I would be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind from time to time. While he is getting faster, stronger and more energetic as he grows, I am obviously slowing down. It will not get any better and over the next few years that age difference will become more apparent.

Last night I hardly had enough energy to take a shower. After bathing Dani I thought it was a good idea to lie down for a few minutes first. Twenty minutes later I woke up.

Had it been such a long and busy day? Or did I just need a little more sleep?

Into Town…

In the morning we took the metro into the city centre to see a traditional Easter parade with lots of drums. Very loud. Dani had to cover his ears at one point. Then we went for a stroll taking in a small tapas route. Only 3 bars; well it’s not all about doing kids things at the weekend. We decided to take a bus home because a bus or car ride works wonders when it comes to making Dani sleep. We still had to walk a fair bit to catch the bus but it stopped close enough to the house so that carrying him would not be an issue.

A Brief Respite…

On the bus he fell asleep as planned. Not much later his mum was also taking a siesta. His old dad rarely needs a siesta and today seemed no different.

After Dani’s siesta we woke him for his snack (merienda). There was just enough time before the start of a puppet show at the local community library/theatre/cultural centre. It was a story about pirate’s treasure. Some of the kids got very animated and noisy. Dani as much as any. I was surrounded by the loudest kids in the theatre. I was tired but there was no chance of dozing off. Not the best kids show we have been to but it was free and it was fun for the little ones.

More Hyperactivity…

The pirate looked uncannily like the big bad wolf with an eye patch. Still, he did the job for the little ones. Then there were the crocodiles. Two. A traditional green one and, oddly, a blue one. Again it worked. The kids – particularly those surrounding me – went nuts whenever the crocs appeared.

On the way home I had to run most of the way. It was a race apparently. Then I had to play superheroes. Super villains in my case to be precise. Then it was bath time. Not a particularly exhausting day I admit but it did for me. That is when I went to relax for a couple of minutes.

The Big Question…

I think I need to get to the gym more often and get as fit as I possibly can. That kind of thing is a double-edged sword. Training to get (and stay) fit tires you out – that’s kind of the idea. Overall however it gives you more energy. I am trying and will continue to make the effort.

The question remains though: How long can I keep up with this growing bundle of energy?

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