Can You Dig It?

Following on from my top 3 British gangster movies review this little trip down cinematic memory lane was inspired by the following piece of artwork….

Just two blocks away from where we live this street art came into view again this week. For more than a year the area had been screened off with only a developer’s sign worth looking at. Now the builders have begun prepring the area this work of art is once again on display for any passer-by who wishes to see it…..Or to be more accurate, for anyone who knows what it represents.

They had better hurry because it probably won’t be there much longer.

The Warriors

The film of course is The Warriors. Released in 1979 it remains an all time classic and a movie with a huge cult following. The painting mainly shows two of the Baseball Furies – possibly the most recognisable gang in the film – and only one of the Warriors. I wonder if the person(s) who painted this mural know that it is about to disappear? Would they care?

The inimitable Roger Hill played Cyrus; leader of the biggest gang in the city. Roger passed away in 2014 aged 65. Everyone who has seen the film knows the scene where Cyrus gets shot in the big gang meeting in the Bronx. His rallying speech to the gangs – some of whom were real gang members – is a fantastic piece of acting. It is said that this performance by Roger had the gang members spellbound. Despite being in the film for just this one scene he almost steals the show. Often imitated, never bettered. The line is legendary. “Can you dig it?”     Or even “Caaan you diiig iiit?”

Too Young for the Full Scene

And guess who does his own version of that line? OK. I know what you are thinking. But I do not let him see the way that scene ends and I have not shown him any of the rest of the movie. He will see it all when he is old enough. This clip is the only part of the film he knows at the moment.

The full speech with its violent ending can be seen here….

The other (equally) famous line from that film is “Warriors, come out to play-ee-ay” – the line that is repeatedly screeched out many times each time getting more intimidating and well; more crazy.

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