School’s Out – For This Summer

Dani left school just like any other day. Standing out from the crowd by politely saying goodbye to the teachers and assistants who help the children safely down the steps (as described in a previous post…). School’s now out – for this summer. By my rough reckoning he only has another 494 weeks to go. Approximately. Give or take a few weeks. But who’s counting?

It’s at times like this I think back to when every adult used tell me “School? It’s the best days of your life. Enjoy it while you can.” You know the sort of thing right?

I never really got that back then, and I still don’t if I am honest about it.

Having said all that at this young age most days are an adventure and Dani hardly has an off day with school. He has done extremely well considering. As I said in previous posts we never started full time school until we were 5 years old. Dani started two months before he was three and it really is full time – 9 to 5! I am really proud of him.

So what now?

What about this long hot summer ahead? Firstly I brought back to the UK yesterday. His mum has to work away and I have my (still) new job. That means that while I am at work next week Dani will be looked after by his nanna. Or will that be the other way around?

In between there will be trips to the Marbella with his Spanish grandmother and to the picturesque white villages in the mountains near Ronda with his grandfather. He will also be over in the UK for a couple more weeks later in the summer.

Best of both…

That is one way the benefits from having family in the UK. Many parents in Spain eager that their kids learn to speak English pay to send them over to summer camps and the like in the UK. This is one case where Dani has the best of both worlds.

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