Back to School – Another First.

Back to school day has arrived. The last working day (and school day) of the week has been reserved for Dani’s age group. Easing them in gently before the first full week starting Monday. Their first return to school after the long hot summer holidays. And in Spain they are long (and hot). Three months long!

The babies had their first day yesterday. It hardly seems a month since Dani started school but it is of course one full year. When people talk about time flying I never really equated the saying to supersonic jets let alone warp speed. Star Trek seems like reality. It feels is as if we have leapt forward in time a full year Where the f*** did it go?

Yet Another Landmark Event…

Last year was a genuine landmark. But so too is today. This is the first time that Dani and his classmates will have experienced the return to school thing. Trust me kids; it never gets any easier.

Surprisingly he didn’t want to go. Despite saying he was OK with it all the night before. We spent a bit of time trying to remember the names of his classmates. I never really knew all of them to be honest but I still tried. Dani also struggled to name them all until we pulled out last years’ class photograph. That jogged his memory and he seemed a little more at ease.

When we arrived he was a little shy but managed to say hello to the assistants who recognised him. Some of them were busy consoling the babies who were now second day veterans.

We were a little late. When we found his classroom most (if not all) of his classmates were already there – playing (as they do). At first, he wondered around not knowing what to do or who to approach. I think they had all forgotten each other and they all seemed to be in their own little worlds. Then one of the boys – don’t expect me to name him; I am useless – recognised Dani and they embraced and started chattering away… A lovely thing to see. The perfect opportunity to slip away unnoticed.


Contrary to some expectations the huge Carlos did not return to school sporting a full beard. One year though; in the not too distant future… (You may need to read the previous post to understand this.)

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