Meeting the PJ Masks

After the excitement of returning to school Dani and his cousin Susana were in for a treat.

The PJ Masks were in town. Well, a shopping centre to be precise. A cynical method of getting kids to bring their parents shopping? A clever bit of marketing if you ask me. It certainly seemed to work. The place was very busy. After introducing the PJ Masks the screaming front woman wound the kids up before they were allowed to queue for the privilege of having their photograph taken with their heroes. But they didn’t mind one bit. We waited in line with is cousin Susana and her dad.

No Fan Myself…

For those of you whose kids have grown up and flown the nest (or not), or those who have grandchildren who are not yet fans of the PJ Masks; let me enlighten you on what you are missing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

This old dad is of the firm opinion that PJ Masks are garbage. I wrote about it in a previous post and since then it has gone down still further in my estimation. That’s not the grumpy old git in me either. I quite like a lot of other kids’ TV shows and that includes some aimed at the very young audience. This PJ Masks doesn’t quite make the grade with me. But what do I know? Just ask any 3 or 4 year-old what they think…

Having got that off my chest I must say that Dani loves it and that is what really matters. He stood next to his favourite, Gekko, while Susana stood next to her preferred PJ Mask, Owlette – the girl in the gang. No gender stereotyping there then. Good. Catboy looked on like a spare part.

Will they remember?

While typing this blog post I had a thought. The kids probably won’t remember this event. It is very rare that we remember things from that young age. At least they will be able to see the photos and read the blog when they are old enough. While they remember it now – only days after it happened – they will somehow forget it all later. Why is that? An interesting topic for a future post…

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