The Fun Goes On and On


Extended Christmas

It seems that Christmas time is never ending for kids these days. At least for those that can celebrate Christmas day and the three kings day (Los Reyes Magos) – both days with presents and with a new year’s celebration in between.

One lucky kid I know does just that. This is a classic example of getting best of cultures from two countries.

It was all over so quickly when I was a kid. New year was for adults – and still is of course. I can certainly testify to drinking a few too man on enough New Years Eve parties.

And the party goes on…

Today there was another visit to see the three kings. Basically like a visit to see Santa would be in the UK. The kids sit on the knees of their favourite king and discuss what presents they would like to receive. Not quite how it turned out and I may just write a post about that soon.

Just before Christmas Day there were two concerts. One was a song and dance show the other was advertised as an Opera Infantil with Peter Pan and Captain Hook on the poster. It could have been a Pantomime but was something strangely different.

The kids in the audience were probably expecting a children’s show (I know I was) but the idea was to introduce them to opera songs. Most bizarre. Dani was bored after only a few minutes once his curiosity wore off. Pretty soon after there were enough bored kids to fill a bus. After what seemed an age the characters changed tack.

Peter Pan asked for volunteers. Dani’s cousin Susana immediately raised her hand and moved to the front. Dani followed blindly. Unaware of what was in store. They were both selected. After a few silly moves on stage the kids were asked to stand aside while Captain Hook made his “Panto villain” entrance. I knew what was going to happen next.

Here it comes again…

Sure enough Dani started to get scared and his bottom lip quivered. One little girl – smaller than Dani – openly cried. That didn’t help. He looked towards me and held out his hand to go and help. Cruel dad left him to it. I genuinely thought that he would just hold his cousin’s hand and it would pass. She remained cool and unnerved under the pressure. In any case he needs to get over these kind of fears right?

One of the other cast members close at hand tried to console him and it worked – just enough. Meanwhile the little girl’s mother had come to the stage and called her over. She ran to relative safety. Dani was still uneasy but I wanted him to see it through and thankfully he did.

All part of character building and growing up right? Or should I have rescued him?

While Dani survived I am not sure that I did. I still think the whole thing was a bit weird.

More to Come…

Still to come is the visit by the three kings. Twelfth night or the 12th day of Christmas as it is known in the UK. More presents. More Lego Star Wars? We shall see.

Before all that there is new year. The plan is to take a trip just north of Madrid to a ski area. Hopefully the kids can play in the snow and even try skiing for the first time.

All in all, a long, an extended Christmas period. It’s exhausting. For the parents.

That leaves one important question: What date do they go back to school?…..


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