Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

It’s already been a hectic Christmas schedule for my son. He went to his first “Panto” a week or two ago. He has had one appointment with Santa and has two meetings pencilled in his diary with the Three Kings (Los Reyes).

The other day Dani went to his first circus. It was called Circo Mágico. (Magic Circus) It was also the first circus I had been to in about 40 odd years!

Even His Old Dad Loved it!

I was more than a little sceptical as you can imagine. It turned out that I enjoyed it as much as Dani.

It didn’t start off too well as the people on the entrance to the “big top” made us queue for some time. When we finally got in we made our way to front row seats a there were no seat numbers on the tickets. Perfect view.

The overall theme (as the name of the circus suggests) was magic. Equal billing was given to various acrobatic acts which included a troop of Chinese acrobats. Just as exciting as those I had seen on TV. Excellent in close up.

Quick Change Artists

There was even a man and woman double act performing that quick change routine. Where they change clothes multiple times in a few seconds behind make-shift covers. I first saw that act on a Youtube video. Look up the “Quick Change Artists” and you will understand.

Here is a link to that performance:

This circus ‘quick change’ act was almost identical and even right next to the action it was impossible to see how it was all done.

Amazing Feats of Power and Dexterity

There were acts of extreme strength and dexterity. Including three young ladies whose strength I found totally baffling. Not the impish, growth stunted little gymnasts we are used to seeing on TV at the Olympic games; these looked like normal young women of at least average height and weight. Despite clearly being athletic looking there was no sign of overly developed muscles. Yet their arm strength would make most men blush. Incredible feats of power and balance.

The more adult performances were interspersed with a little bit of fooling around by two “clowns”. I have to admit that even those two were quite good. Even if they were more for the kids there were elements of balancing and trickery in their stage slots.

You may not hear this type of thing from myself very often, but this dad can definitely recommend the Circo Mágico.

Christmas Eve…

Now it’s Christmas Eve and tonight we will celebrate Noche Beuna at Dani’s grandmother’s house. But the poor boy has vomited twice already and still has a temperature. Let’s hope he recovers later.

It’s a great time of year for most people. It’s even better if you are four years old. Could this be the first Christmas time that Dani will remember? Time will tell…

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