Back to Korea

UK and Madrid. In Limbo.

After a week of hanging around in the UK waiting for news of another imminent trip to Korea I decided to take the bull by the horns. I flew to Madrid so that I could spentd a few days with Dani while waiting for confirmation of the next work assignment.

As a small surprise I bought a small Lego set featuring D.C. Comics characters Nightwing and Batman’s nemesis The Joker.

“Right” I said. “You already have Batman so now you have The Joker. Plus, this Nightwing dude”

“Did you bring me anything else?” came the almost immediate response.

Once kids get a taste for you bringing so called surprise presents there is no end to it. Unfortunately, the cat is out of the bag. Pandora’s box has been opened. The dam has burst. (Anyone know any similarly appropriate sayings?)

As most people know there are hundreds if not thousands of Lego characters and a four-year-old can never have too many. The way they are churning out the superhero and Star Wars films that number is only going to grow. Exponentially. This is what happens when you expose them to something that you yourself like and show an interest in. But it is great fun.

Banana Splits…

Speaking of Great Fun…. We intended watching one of his favourite DVDs at the moment (Small Soldiers) but could not find the disc. Then I saw the Banana Splits complete season 1 DVD. I had bought it some time ago when he was too small to appreciate it. Not any more I am glad to say. He is just the right age to be captivated by that late 1960s show with cartoons and those four lunatics in animal suits. Older readers will know exactly what I mean. For everyone else please check it out on Youtube. Nuts!

More on the Banana Splits later. I feel an in depth report coming on….

More Tears…

I braced myself for more tears from my little boy. The one thing that will console me (if not him) is that I intend to make this my last trip so far away.

As it was he was not so bad this time. I am not sure that is such a good thing but it did make it slightly easier for me. Finally after a few days back on the East Asian peninsula I have time to write about it.

Before I left we spent a weekend in the small town of Candeleda about 200km from the centre of Madrid in the province of Ávila. Dani’s abuelo (Spanish granddad – my dad passed away before Dani was born) has a lovely little house there with a decent sized garden. I also bought him his new bike which he loves. More on that weekend to follow….

All Birthdays in Korea…

Just as I predicted in a previous post from Korea it is now certain that I will spend my own birthday there. Dani’s birthday was during my first trip. His mum’s during my second trip. Now my 54th birthday will slip by during a third trip to the far east ship-builders.

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